Keynote Presentations

Wilko enjoys participating in your events and conferences by sharing his knowledge and experience on a variety of topics. He’s equally comfortable addressing large as well as small audiences. Below your’ll find a random sampling of topics he enjoys speaking about, since they are close to his heart. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss the available options.


Discover the liberating blueprint to finding freedom and happiness to pursue your biggest dreams, and living life on your terms. For Wilko that meant traveling the world, and then taking his traveling “self” to who he is at work and at home.


Clarify your purpose, passion, values and vision. Based on Jack Canfield’s Success Principles. Wilko has studied the Success Principles in person with the #1 success coach, and is excited to share his take on success with you. 


Work doesn’t always equate to happiness. Discover how to bring happiness into the work you’re doing every day, and  live a meaningful life.

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