Coaching and consulting for companies

We use industry proven best practices to help organizations improve their service levels. We’re equally comfortable dealing with IT, Facilities, HR, or basically any department providing a service to a client internal or external to your organization. We have over 10 years of consulting experience, in which we’ve assisted over 50 companies. We focus on the people involved, and make recommendations for supporting processes and technology to be changed where needed.

Make your clients smile again

Our focus is on client satisfaction. Not just our clients, but more importantly your clients, and employees. Our approach ensures the implemented new or improved business processes and procedures will support your organization’s needs. The result? A concrete improvement on your current situation.

Improve the way you work

Truth is, every organization has some sort of (dysfunctional) process. Writing down problems on a sticky note (as long as you do it consistently), is some sort of process. Ready to take it to the next level? We match theoretical models to your unique situation.

No need to reinvent the wheel

When you choose to benefit from our over 10 years of consulting experience, there really is no need to keep reinventing the wheel over and over again. We have used our knowledge and experience to optimize work methods for over 50 different organizations worldwide. We focus on complete integration of people, process and tools.

Not a drive-in show

What we do isn’t a drive-in show. We do not take on full-time engagements, taking up valuable real estate. We coach, consult and facilitate on a part-time basis and revisit at regular intervals. Your organization takes a leading role in designing your new processes, and we directly engage your employees throughout the project. Our unique approach makes optimal use of your knowledge and experience and motivates your employees to adapt to the changes.

Our unique approach

We actively engage your employees during the entire project. We train your key employees in the methodologies used so that they become self-supporting in maintaining the processes implemented as much as possible. This ensures long-term success of the initial implementation.

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